Social Media Marketing’s goal is to create content that users will share with their social network to help a business increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.

Why Organic Social Media Marketing?​

Social Media Marketing is the long-term content strategy on social media networks that focuses on building customer following and loyalty.​

It is best for brands that already have an established network of followers that regularly interact with the brand.​

Nonetheless, it should be considered a norm for all brands to build active social media pages where people can interact with them.​

Most brands will benefit from the exposure of being visible on social media pages.​

Paid ads on Social Media are upgraded versions of social media posts. Paid Social Posts allow brands to promote their posts to a larger audience and target specific markets.

Why Paid Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is no longer “democratic”. Organic social media has its limitations in terms of reach and exposure. Brands are no longer searched and displayed in prime section of the social media feeds unless they are specifically searched for.

Consequently, Paid Social Media is now a necessity for brands to achieve maximum reach and exposure.​

As there are associated ad costs, this form of marketing is best for the brands that are willing to meet the cost for the next level in terms of social exposure.​

Paid Social Media ads can support other traditional marketing campaigns including TV, radio and print.​

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