Search Engine Marketing is a “paid inclusion” in Search Engine Marketing involving the purchase of a “paid inclusion” service in search engine results of Google and Bing.

For example, a Google search for “Skin Care” will display various Paid Ads on the top of the search results page before anything else it finds.​

Why SEM?​

Paid Search Ads drive immediate results. Businesses can set-up a campaign on a Monday and see the results the next day.

(Influence IT Consulting recommends pairing SEM with SEO/Organic search marketing to maximise outcome.)

Paid Ad systems can be fine-tuned to target very specific demographics. It allows businesses to target a broad customer base or serve ads only to the people who are ready to buy.

PPC is recommended for businesses with high marketing budgets in highly-competitive industries. However, PPC can be very effective for small-to-medium businesses that want to dominate the search results for their industries.​

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