Digital Marketing is defined as the “marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach customers, the key objective being to promote brands through various forms of online and digital media”.


Marketing within the digital space allows several distinct advantages:

A Level-Playing Field

A small start-up with the right strategy, content and enough resources has the capability of competing against enterprise companies in the digital ecosystem.

Targeted Content

Advancements in digital technology have allowed for personalisation of ad distribution. Businesses can target an ad based on customer demographics, geographic location and even user behaviour.

Measured Results

Quantifying results is often a fool’s errand.  The impact of tv/radio and flyers can’t be qualified systematically.  Fortunately, with digital marketing tools, the results are laid out.  Each click, each interaction is tracked.  It allows businesses to see what actually works and what can be improved.


Digital Marketing allows businesses to have immediate feedback from their clients.  The various social media platforms allow brands to interact with their clients.  This ability to connect businesses with their customers and vice-versa, is a valuable resource that can rapidly boost a brand’s growth.

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