No business has ever truly succeeded working in isolation. Influence IT Consulting has sought out the the most effective partners to deliver to its high standards.

Cohere is an award winning creative marketing studio specialising in visual and video content. Their content is tailored to the client and their market and they pride themselves in creating unique, custom content that reflects the individual business.

Cohere and Influence IT Consulting work together to represent you and your business through visual and video content on your website.

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Influence IT Consulting has an affiliation with Inflectra Corporation for the provision and support of their products - namely, their range of ALM, Project/Quality and Testing tools which allow smaller (and larger) organisations to have a clear view of their workload and progress at minimal cost.

Influence IT Consulting has extensive experience of implementing SpiraTest/SpiraTeam into public and private organisations and of integrating it into existing quality processes and other supporting systems.

We're also pleased to offer the full range of Inflectra products including Rapise, KronoDesk, taraVault and SpiraPlan.

Unlike some other software companies, Infusionsoft are solely focused on small business. They accelerate small business growth with technology, sales and marketing strategy, and a community of industry leaders, business owners, coaches, and consultants. Their powerful, integrated sales and marketing software solution combines CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce, and payments solutions with a vibrant marketplace of apps and integrations.

Influence IT Consulting is pleased to be a partner with Infusionsoft and to help you select the best technologies to support your business.  Contact us now to book a FREE initial consultation.

InfluenceIT Consulting has recently developed a partnership with Net Fusion Technology (NFT) to increase the services we offer to clients and to ensure a seamless end-to-end project delivery at an affordable price for small-to-medium sized organisations.

NFT, specialising in IT solutions and digital marketing, will provide technical support and resources to
InfluenceIT Consulting to deliver high-quality outcomes in support of your business.

Having designed, built and delivered your web site, InfluenceIT Consulting and NFT will guide you as to how to get
the best out of your investment by leveraging their marketing experience and tools usage to support changes in marketing approach.

Neto is the only Australian retail management platform that provides a complete solution for eCommerce, Point of Sale, Inventory and Fulfillment. With more than 3000 happy, successful customers, its integrated back-end technology enables exceptional and consistent customer experiences via any channel, be it in store, online or through a marketplace like eBay or Amazon.

Neto merchants sell 10x more than Shopify merchants and 5x more than Big Commerce merchants.

So, what sets Neto apart?

  • You're a business owner and your passion is with your business, not integrating different technologies. Neto has done that for you. Everything you need to grow your retail business is at your fingertips.
  • It's all about your customer. Neto's single customer view means that you have everything you need in the one place to give your customers an exceptional experience.
  • Neto's Australian-based team of over 120 staff, who all understand the Australian retail environment, is there to support you!

SO, what are you waiting for? Start your FREE TRIAL of Neto today by clicking the button!

Influence IT Consulting has partnered with Pin Payments to support our clients’ payments needs.

Pin Payments, the Australian-based provider for simple, secure and reliable payment of Visa and MasterCard transactions on-line, is the preferred payment provider for our eCommerce clients.

Influence IT Consulting accepts card payments through Pin Payments for its own business and has been so delighted with the service and support that we simply had to share the joy with our small-to-medium sized enterprise customers.

Whether you run an online store (or want to), invoice clients, or process card sales manually, Pin Payments provides your business with a platform for accepting payments online, mobile included, using the smart phone you already own - no card reader required!

For more information on Pin Payments and the integrations and services Influence IT Consulting can provide, click the"Payments" button.

Influence IT Consulting puts its trust in Robinson Nielsen Legal to provide legal advice and services and is pleased to recommend them to its clients to help protect their rights, business and brand.

As a highly experienced and qualified legal professional, with a background of more than 23 years working with small, medium and large enterprises as well as individuals, Tracey Robinson is able to provide both strategic and technical guidance and advice in a broad variety of legal practice areas, adding value across all aspects of your business and commercial operations or legal affairs and in a diverse range of industry sectors, including:

  • Business & Commercial
  • Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  • Employment Law
  • Property & Real Estate
  • Personal Legal Services

Tracey applies highly developed analytical, research, communication and negotiation skills, whilst valuing integrity and professionalism and will:

  • Deliver legal & business insights to you or across all levels of an organisation from a business owner or ‘C’ suite to the factory floor.
  • Offer sound business judgment and a strategic orientation to problem-solving and solution identification.
  • Engage and influence internal and external stakeholders to achieve your organisational or personal objectives.
  • Prepare documentation to secure your future.
  • Clarify legal boundaries, resolve issues or win disputes.

Tracey is committed to providing high quality commercial legal services and the fast, effective solutions of top-tier quality for a fraction of the price.

For your website legals – talk to Influence IT Consulting FIRST. We have a number of business accelerators and packages which can save you time and money!

SignNow (by Barracuda) is an innovative eSigning platform used to collect signatures, archive documents, and automate workflows, driving business efficiency and reducing costs. It can increase efficiency and accelerate business processes to streamline operations and boost productivity. Business processing time is reduced and processes for signing and managing documents are streamlined.

SignNow is a secure system and has inbuilt features to avoid errors that may otherwise occur. All of your documents are safely secured by technology by Barracuda Networks, one of the world's leading security companies. Each individual document has a full audit trail of the actions parties have taken in an easy-to-read format.

With SignNow, staff members save time preparing documents and no longer have to spend time manually tracking down documents, following-up with customers, scheduling a time to sign and managing the print-sign-scan-return process. The costs associated with printing, storing and sending paper are huge for companies. SignNow lets your business realise the cost savings of a paperless office in material goods and labour costs.

Traditionally signed documents are easily lost and are difficult to authenticate. With SignNow, documents are automatically organised so that you can find the authentic signed document with a complete audit trail."

Click the "Click Here" button for a free quotation and demonstration of SignNow from Influence IT Consulting.

IITC's partner, Timely, provides appointment software to enhance your salon or spa.  It provides everything you need to run your business.  Manage your schedule, staff, clients, sales, reporting and more from the one application.  Connect it to Xero, MailChimp, Vend, MYOD, Google Calendar, and more.....

VB Designs was established in April 2009 by Vicki Bjerring and now operates as a Virtual Design Studio working with clients across Australia and New Zealand. The business was founded in 2008 by Vicki Bjerring and since then has grown to a large team of designers.

Whether you need promotional material, a new logo or business cards, or even a complete rebrand, VB Designs innovative Graphic Design solutions will make your business shine. Our vast experience within the graphic design and print industry, means our team is equipped with the expertise to offer solutions and suggestions when it comes to the final print result - whether you need advice on stock, colours, size or finish of your product. We manage the entire process for you from concept, design to print and delivery, and of course we do our absolute best to work within your deadlines and budget.

Partnering with Influence IT Consulting, we ensure that your design is compatible with all media, especially your website, social media pages, printed assets and clothing.  To find out what great packages we can put together for your business, press the button now and put "VBD" in the subject line.  We look forward to being of service.

Influence IT Consulting has teamed up with World First, the award- winning currency specialist, to help you get more for your money when making international payments.

Whatever the reason for your transfer – making a one off payment, moving overseas, buying or selling property, repatriating salary or to make payments for your business – World First will help you find the right solution for your needs.

  • Great exchange rates
    Competitive rates that could save you money compared to your bank, plus no hidden fees or charges.
  • Award-winning service
    Dedicated service from our Account Management Teams, and all calls are answered within three rings.
  • Quicker payments
    Arrange transfers online 24/7 with access to the fast available international payments.
  • Safe and secure
    Your money’s in safe hands. World First maintains high levels of capital and takes all necessary steps to safeguard your money.

Xero is beautiful, easy-to-use online accounting software for small businesses.

The company has 1 million subscribers in more than 180 countries.

Xero operates in the cloud, requires no installation or upgrade costs, and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Influence IT Consulting is pleased to both use and recommend Xero accounting software to its clients and to integrate it with its online payment options.

With its two products, zipPay and zipMoney, and with over 3,000 stores already accepting this alternate payment method, zipMoney is a perfect fit for Influence IT Consulting’s clients. Zip’s products assist eCommerce merchants boost sales and give their customers the power to buy now and pay later.

  • zipPay is an online shopping wallet with a credit limit of up to $1,000, always interest free. A monthly account fee of $5 is only accrued if there’s money owing at the beginning of the month.
  • zipMoney is a line of credit for larger amounts, generally $1,000 and above. zipMoney offers customers a guaranteed 3 months interest free across all products and up to 36 months with some retailers. The length of the interest free period varies among individual merchants and is confirmed with the user prior to purchase.

There is a small establishment fee based on a customer’s credit limit, which we confirm on the banner of the application and in their contract, as well as a $4.95 monthly account keeping charge while there is an outstanding balance.

zipMoney is committed to building seamless products for businesses wanting fair and simple payment solutions and has over 300,000 customers who choose to pay with Zip every day! Their products are available both online and instore.

For more information on zipMoney for your business, visit zipMoney and zipPay. For more information on how to integrate zipMoney with your website, click here.