Business Problem

Insightful businesses recognise that software development and its application is equally important from both a business and technical perspective. Applications constitute the foundations of a business’s key offerings to market and, by extension, for its brand and reputation.

Rigorous and reliable software testing has consequently become increasingly important in providing reassurance of quality, performance and security, especially for business-critical systems.
An absence of structure and poor execution mean that inadequate software testing can increase business risk, potentially resulting in a loss of revenue and a loss of customer trust in the brand.

Business Reality

Testing and Quality Assurance are usually viewed as a compliance cost for most businesses – an exercise in risk management:

  • Upgrades have unintended consequences
  • Can’t meet timeline expectations of the business
  • Cost to upgrade/replace prohibitive
  • Poor IT staff morale – “the same stuff gets broken time and time again”

Testing is often viewed as costly, fragmented and poorly measured.

Testing Services, in our model, is not just about compliance but about enabling corporate agility, making the change process go faster, making it less risky, and protecting both the bottom line and corporate reputation.


  • Increased Confidence
  • Improved Business Coverage
  • Create a more agile IT team
  • Increased job satisfaction and retention
  • Better outcomes

Our Approach

Using the right people, with the right approach, tools, knowledge and experience, Influence IT Consulting can deliver superior testing outcomes for your business, working with you to reduce your risk, speed to market and overall testing cost.
Using appropriate tools to manage and automate the testing process to increase traceability, reduce implementation cost, increase test coverage, and increase business confidence and agility, our clients see immediate improvements. Automation can increase testing coverage of your legacy systems to provide “upgrade insurance”. This can then be used to support replacement or to extend the life of the current system.

By embedding your people in our team we can transfer the skills and knowledge to your organisation. Wait until you see the power released when testers are effectively turned into analysts through this approach – they go from being at the back end of the process to the front end. Result – their skill level goes up, their organisational value goes up, and their job satisfaction goes up, your business productivity goes up and your organisation becomes more agile. A winning formula for any business’s investment.

Sample Range of Testing Services

  • Testing Maturity Assessment
  • Testing Capability Assessment
  • Testing Improvement Roadmap
  • Automated Testing Assessment and Framework
  • Testing Resource Acquisition
  • Testing Resource Assessment
  • Testing Resource Development Planning

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