Gift Cards for Your Business!

Sell your own gift cards and gift certificates on your website with no monthly fee from Influence IT and GiftUp!

You’re a small to medium business and want to offer more to your clients, right?  But all too often, more seems to come at a price that just isn’t practical for your business or budget.  Well, Influence IT and GiftUp! have the answer!  In line with providing “pragmatic, affordable IT”, Influence IT has partnered with GiftUp! to bring gift cards and gift certificates to you and your business just in time for the festive season to kick-off!  What’s more, unlike the competition, THERE IS NO MONTHLY FEE and it will cost you nothing to sign-up.

No monthly fees or setup costs!  Seriously!

Charges are 3.49% when a gift card is bought (but you can opt for your customers to pay this if you prefer)

  • No setup or hidden costs
  • Pay only if you sell a gift card
  • GiftUp! system is totally free to use
  • You get paid on a rolling 2-day basis

GiftUp! provides beautiful gift cards/certificates displaying YOUR branding and logo and the application offers you 100s of unique, beautiful designs to choose from.  Alternatively, you can design/upload your own or have IITC do it for you!  You can even link the option to buy from your website!  It’s easy to do or IITC can implement it for you if its too challenging or you don’t have time.

What’s more, it will work with most website formats, including:

Buyers can choose to have the gift card emailed instantly or schedule it for a special occasion.  The recipient then receives an email in their inbox with a fully branded card/certificate they can either print, download, or save to their smart phone “wallet” via either:

GiftUp! is fully translated into 19 different languages which you can choose from in your account setup.  Payment is taken at the time of purchase and paid directly into your nominated bank via:

Gift cards/certificates can be accepted in-store via your POS or using the GiftUp! mobile/web app.

Use the free app for in-premises gift card validation & redemption. It’s super simple and you can use any device, your mobile, iPad or PC/Mac.

You can also embed our web app directly inside your point of sale terminal, if required.

What’s more, the app includes support for:

  • Scanning of gift cards
  • Partial-redemption supported out of the box
  • Top ups
Want to know more or need help to setup/brand?  Contact us at Influence IT  or look here first.